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El Rompido, Huelva Holidays

Situated in the province of Huelva in western side of Andalucia, El Rompido is one of the most uncrowded spots along Huelva’s Costa de la Luz.

Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

El Rompido, Huelva Holidays

  • Destino El Rompido - Vistas de la ría al atardecer
  • Destino El Rompido - Vistas de la ría al atardecer
  • Destino El Rompido - Golf
  • Destino El Rompido - Excursiones a el Rocio
  • Destino El Rompido

Situated in the province of Huelva in western side of Andalucia, El Rompido is one of the most uncrowded spots along Huelva’s Costa de la Luz, and has managed to remain relatively untouched by tourist development. This charming fishing village is peaceful yet vibrant, and idyllically situated along the Río Piedras river estuary, it is one of the most uniquely beautiful places in all Andalucía.

El Rompido Natural Beauty

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice on an El Rompido holiday. La Flecha is a famous natural beauty spot which boasts one of the best beaches in the region, Nueva Umbría. This long stretch of golden sand is entirely surrounded by sand dunes and pine trees, giving the beach a wonderful sense of tranquillity.

The Doñana National Park is also nearby, and with its diverse landscape of salt marshes, pine woods, sand dunes and tidal creeks, it has become a very significant breeding ground for thousands of European and African birds. Exploring this remarkable park is a must, whatever type of Costa de la Luz holiday you’re after.

El Rompido Activities

You can make the most of El Rompido’s spectacular beauty by getting stuck into some of the adventure sports that are so easily available here, like sailing, kayaking, hiking, cycling and horse riding.

El Rompido is also famous for its golf due to the quality of the courses and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. There are two 18-hole courses, El Rompido Golf Norte and El Rompido Golf Sur which offer golfers breath-taking sea views as they tee off.

El Rompido Town

With lovely white-washed buildings topped with red tiles, El Rompido is a very authentic Andalucian town that will give tourists a wonderful taste of the real Spain. Away from the chaos of other resorts but with plenty of fun activities to get involved with a landscape that truly is jaw-droppingly beautiful, it’s not hard to see why El Rompido is such a popular spot for tourists during a Costa de la Luz holiday.

Famous for its cuisine as well as its characteristic Andalucian architecture, El Rompido has some fantastic restaurants where you can take advantage of the abundance of fine seafood that is caught here every day.

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The best beaches

  • Destino El Rompido - Playa virgen
  • Destino El Rompido - Playa virgen
  • el-rompido-playas-familia
  • Destino El Rompido - Playa

The sand dunes, the pine groves and the long beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, without a doubt, one of the most delightful landscape on the Costa de la Luz. The Cartaya coastline offers untouched vegetation in an incomparable tranquil setting in contact with nature at its purest.

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El Rompido Beach (3 min away on foot)

East of the marshland of the River Piedras and Flecha de El Rompido Natural Beauty Spot is El Rompido beach, next to the River Piedras estuary, flanked by a beautiful and characteristic fishing port.

La Flecha de El Rompido Beach (5 – 10 min by foot to the boat and 5 min on the boat)

The beach known as Flecha (Arrow) de El Rompido is a unique sandy formation which opens out into the Atlantic Ocean from a virgin beach which can be accessed thanks to the boat services which depart from the river bank.

Nueva Umbría Beach (5 – 15 min by foot to the boat and 5 min on the boat)

Nueva Umbría beach is bathed by Atlantic waters where La Flecha de El Rompido begins next to Terrón port. Its virgin, wild appearance evokes tranquillity in the heart of La Flecha natural beauty spot, a stretch of sand which extends between the ocean and the river Piedras. The vegetation, made up mainly of Stone Pines as well as toadflax and coastal junipers under special protection, shelter interesting animal species such as the chameleon. It is a nudist beach.

This beach, accessed by boat (15 min) or a walkway which crosses a beautiful dune ecosystem, has a sun lounger service in summer.

Caño de la Culata Beach (10 min by car and 50 min on foot)

Caño de la Culata beach forms an unrivalled, privileged landscape, with sand dunes and pine groves, among the typical riverside vegetation and sandy expanses. The caños (streams) were the old channels of streams, branches and tributaries of rivers which snake between the sand dunes to flow into the sea forming raised areas of sand.

San Miguel Beach (8 min by car and 40 min on foot)

This small paradise of crystal waters was deserted in the 16th century due to pirate and Berber raids. More than 500 years later the beach conserves this tranquillity as it is an uncrowded fine sandy beach with large sand dunes. Among pine trees and junipers there is a viewpoint to gaze out at the marvellous views and sunsets

Nuevo Portil Beach (5 min by car and 20 min on foot)

The sand dunes, the pine groves and the long beaches stretching as far as the eye can see form, without a doubt, one of the most charming landscapes on the Costa de la Luz. Proud of having one of the lowest urban population densities in Spain, the almost virgin areas of Nuevo Portil beach enable visitors to rediscover the pleasure of being in contact with nature at its purest.

The old quarter El Rompido

  • Destino El Rompido - Vistas de el fuerte El Rompido
  • Destino El Rompido - Vistas de el fuerte El Rompido

The fishermen’s houses in El Rompido, (Cartaya), make up one of the most traditional urban landscapes in Andalucia. The simplicity of its perfect white facades crowned by reddish tiles contrasts with the elegance of the civic buildings.

You will have a wonderful time in this pretty village in Huelva, which is noted for its cuisine as well as its typical Andalucian architecture.
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El Rompido Lighthouses (2 min on foot)
Two lighthouses watch over this unparalleled location although only one is still in use. Their lights have always guided fishermen on the Atlantic and are a notable symbol of this fishing village.

Nuestra Señora de Consolación Chapel (6 min on foot)
Located on the outskirts of the village, this chapel is an example of Andalucian baroque architecture with Mudejar contributions. The architectural simplicity acquires magical proportions from the interplay of straight lines and subtle curves. The chapel houses the Virgen de la Consolación (Our Lady of Consolation), an image to which the people of Cartaya are very devoted.

The best food

  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía jamón
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía Chipirones
  • Destino El Rompido - arroz con mariscos

The freshness of the seafood and the intense flavour of the cold meats are the two stars par excellence of El Rompido cuisine.

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Deepwater rose shrimp and Jabugo ham
Deepwater rose shrimps, king prawns, cuttlefish, shelled seafood, battered cod sticks, octopus and cod arrive at your table presented in a variety of ways capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. We can’t forget Jabugo ham, an exquisite delicacy from Huelva.

Fruity wines
You can’t leave without trying the fruity wines from this area as well as the famous brandies from La Palma and the aniseed-flavoured aguardientes.

Among the restaurants in the area we can highlight:

Restaurante Caribe II (5 min on foot) El Rompido
This restaurant is located next to the hotel Fuerte El Rompido and specialises in fried fish and fresh seafood.

Restaurante Doña Gamba (7 min on foot) El Rompido
The perfect restaurant for having some reasonably priced tapas and for trying the tasty local seafood from the shores of the river Piedras.

El Rompido

Restaurante La Parra (5 min on foot)
La Parra restaurant offers its patrons a tranquil seaside atmosphere. Its greatest specialty is fish, especially prawns and cuttlefish, as well as homemade desserts.

Restaurante El Rincón de Pescadores (5 min on foot)
This restaurant receives daily deliveries of fish from the fish market, among its most succulent dishes we can highlight grouper a la marinera, stuffed calamari and four-cheese cod au gratin.

Restaurante Paseo Marítimo (5 min on foot)
Located right on the Promenade in El Rompido, the views from this restaurant are unbeatable. Specialising in home cooked food, the highlights on its menu are the tuna belly and the scrambled egg with mushrooms.


Restaurante César (15 min on foot)
In the Bar Restaurante César you can try typical creative cooking dishes by a chef who also respects tradition, with fish therefore as the protagonist.

San Miguel, El Rompido-Cartaya road

Restaurante La Espuela Grill (5 min by car)
Restaurante La Espuela Grill has panoramic views over the river Piedras, where you can try the best Argentine grilled veal.

El Portil- Huelva road

Restaurante El Paraíso (19 min by car)
This restaurant is a point of reference in Huelva cuisine, known for the quality of its seafood, in particular the lobster.


Restaurante Acanthum (30 min by car)
This renowned restaurant offers quality, traditional cuisine with a touch of creativity.

The best shopping

  • el-rompido-compras
  • el-rompido-compras

Distances calculated from the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

El Rompido

El Rompido is a very functional place for shopping as you can find all kinds of items, from locally made products to souvenirs and clothing. A good place to go shopping is the El Faro Shopping Centre

Ham, from Jabugo

Jabugo ham is known around the world for its quality and taste. The pigs are fed on acorns and this produces high quality ham in the cured legs. If you want to take one home with you you can buy them in:

  • Centro Comercial El Faro – Supermercado El Jamón (3 min by foot)
  • La Serranía (15 min by car), Cartaya

For confectionery, the ‘Piñonate’ (pine nut pastries)

Tempting treats whose recipes have an unmistakable flavour which has been passed down from generation to generation await those with a sweet tooth: the Piñonate and the Torta Real (almond cake). For confectionery purchases you can go to:

  • La Flor de la Canela, Cartaya (15 min by car or 15 min on foot)
  • Panadería Consolación, Cartaya (15 min by car)

Gifts and souvenirs

In El Rompido you can find a great many establishments which sell gifts and souvenirs, with the best, most symbolic articles to remember this village by.

  • Artesanía Ramáiz (15 min by car), Cartaya
  • Acaparra (15 min by car), Cartaya

Ayamonte (30 min by car)

The town of Ayamonte is a place known for its shopping thanks to its location on the Spanish-Portuguese border, and therefore it is recommended for a shopping trip.

Villa Real (35 min by car) Portugal

Portugal is a good place to buy handicrafts, particularly known for the quality of their textiles, as well as their food products.

Huelva (35 min by car)

Huelva boasts a wide range of shops thanks to the Abierto Shopping Centre, where you can purchase all kinds of products, as well its markets and shopping centres, among which we can highlight the Aqualón Puerto Shopping Centre and the Costa Luz Shopping Centre.

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Local Tours

El Rompido Weather

A perfect climate and countryside of unparalleled beauty have made El Rompido an ideal place for golfing, hiking, water sports or simply relaxing by wandering through the streets of the historic quarter.The Atlantic Ocean graces Costa de la Luz with temperate summers and mild winters, with temperatures ranging from around 30°C during the summer months to 15°C during the winter months.

The months with the highest rainfall are November and December, but rain rarely impedes enjoyment of outdoor activities, as El Rompido boasts approximately 300 days of sun per year.