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Marbella Holidays

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Marbella’s cuisine is a faithful representation of the city: a perfect blend of exotic dishes and traditional flavours that you will not be able to refuse. Top of the menu: fried fish, especially the famous espetos, charcoal-grilled sardines skewered on sticks.

Distances calculated from the Hotel Fuerte Marbella and Amàre Marbella Beach Hotels

Tapas restaurants

As you know a typical custom in Spain is to go out for tapas. These small aperitifs have become a sign of identity for the city, so we offer you a choice of the best places for tapas:

Beach Club de Amàre Marbella (opposite the Amàre Marbella Beach Hotels)
This restaurant, also on the hotel Amàre Marbella beachfront, offers creative cuisine based on flavoursome bocados (little bites) and snacks to be enjoyed at the table or from the sun bed while savouring a cocktail by the sea.

La Taberna del Pintxo ( 5 min walk)
This is based on a new concept of catering with a selection of hot and cold tapas offered by the waiters directly to customers who select the one they want.

La Venencia (5 min walk)
A cosy atmosphere, decorated in wood and with hams hanging from the ceiling. The best-known tapas include the selection of Iberian meats, grilled chorizo serrano and a casserole of broad beans with ham.

Fish and shellfish restaurants

On the Costa del Sol the Mediterranean Sea offers a variety of fish and shellfish to attract lovers of a good meal. To sample some of these dishes, we recommend:

Beach Club Restaurante Grill de Fuerte Marbella (opposite the hotel Fuerte Marbella)
This beachfront restaurant is just before the hotel Fuerte Marbella. Open for lunch and supper (July and August), it offers an excellent choice of rice dishes. Specialists in espeto fish.

Santiago Restaurant (3 min walk)
Here you can sample some of the best fish of the North and South of Spain. The wide range on offer has given the restaurant international prestige. Innovation and tradition combine together in a luxurious atmosphere.

Altamirano (5 min walk)
With a cosy informal atmosphere, this restaurant is popular among groups of friends and families. The menu is based on fresh fish brought straight from the fish market that morning. Full or half- portions of different types of fish or shellfish are available.

El Hogar del Pescador (10 min walk)
Turbot, red mullet, gilthead bream, sole or fresh anchovies are just some of the daily specialities on offer at El Hogar del Pescador. A spacious simple dining room ideal for sampling excellent fish.

Thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, Marbella also offers a more exclusive and international cuisine

Buenaventura (5 min walk)
A former inn in the Old Quarter, it uses organic products in its dishes. Ajoblanco (cold almond and garlic soup), tataki, tomato soup, grilled foie gras, lobster rice, suckling pig or goat are just some of the dishes. Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States dined here on her visit to the Costa del Sol.

Bibo (5 min by car)

Bibo is a new concept created by the two michelin stars chef Dani García, opened on April 2014. Bibo Andalusian Brasserie & Tapas invites you to experience a fun and borderless experience that adapts to everyone’s taste with a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone can choose the liveliest way of eating.

Other recommendations

Tablao Flamenco Ana María (10 min walk)
The Old Quarter of Marbella is home to one of the most important tablao (flamenco shows) in the region. Enjoy an excellent Andalucian wine to the sound of clapping palms to the rhythm of flamenco song and dance.