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Sierra de Grazalema & Ronda holidays (Cadiz)

Located in the heart of Andalucia, one of the most important natural parks in Spain. Aside from its multitudes of flora and fauna and stunning landscape, the areas also boasts rich traditions and some of the lovely villages in all Andalucía.

Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

Sierra De Grazalema, Ronda Holidays

  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Senderismo
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Senderismo

Located in the heart of Andalucia is Sierra de Grazalema, one of the most important natural parks in Spain. Aside from its multitudes of flora and fauna and stunning landscape, the areas also boasts rich traditions, absorbing culture, and some of the lovely villages in all Andalucía. All this contributes to Sierra de Grazalema’s natural appeal, so it’s plain to see why this region is so popular with tourists.

Sierra de Grazalema Nature

Nature lovers will be in their element here as the diverse landscape of the park makes Sierra de Grazalema the perfect place to enjoy a hike, and there are numerous routes for all abilities and preferences. Paths will take you over rocky ridges, gorges and forested river valleys and you will be able to spot all manner of wildlife here.

There are over 200 different species of birds in this natural enclave; keep an eye out for griffon vultures, booted eagles blue tits, white wagtails and little owls. Sierra de Grazalema is also home to the only Mediterranean spruce in the world, the Spanish Fir, which can be found on the hills of this unique area.

Sierra de Grazalema Villages

In addition to its stunning scenery, a Sierra de Grazalema holiday will allow you to admire the famous pueblos blancos, the white-washed villages that are so archetypal of Andalucía – there are over 30 here, so the only problem you’ll face is deciding which ones to visit.

Often perched high above the valleys in some of the most unlikely locations you can imagine, these picturesque villages are about as far away as you can get from the over-development of the Costa del Sol; though just an hour away, it will feel like another world as you enjoy the peace of a Grazalema holiday.

Grazalema Old Town

Grazalema is one of the most beautiful villages in the area and holds a National Award for Beautification and Improvement to prove it. This pretty little mountain village is a popular base for tourists visiting the park and is a must-see. Wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets with their white-washed and flower-adorned houses is all part of the authentic Andalucian holiday experience!

Established in Moorish times, the village is now a lively destination with many great bars and restaurants in the attractive main square, the Plaza de España. Also located on this square is the 18th-century church of La Aurora, one of Grazalema´s most iconic landmarks. There is even a town pool on the eastern edge of the village where you can enjoy incredible panoramic views over Grazalema and the national park as you swim.

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The best of the Sierra de Grazalema

  • Senderimos Hotel Fuerte Grazalema
  • Senderimos Hotel Fuerte Grazalema
  • Hotel Fuerte Grazalema - actividades senderismo
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Actividades de senderismo
  • fuerte-grazalema-actividades-senderismo

Located in the heart of Andalusia, the Sierra de Grazalema is considered to be one of the most important natural parks in Spain due to its wealth of flora and fauna and its unbeatable landscapes. Nature lovers can enjoy these surroundings, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, with numerous routes for all tastes.

The best of the old town

  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Excursiones a Plaza de España e iglesia Nuestra Sr. Aurora
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Excursiones a Plaza de España e iglesia Nuestra Sr. Aurora
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Excursiones a Ronda Mirador del Tajo
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Excursiones al pueblo
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Excursiones al centro urbano de Grazalema

Grazalema is not just a unique natural beauty spot in Spain, it is also one of the prettiest villages of those that make up the Route of the White Villages. It holds the National Award for Beautification and Improvement, and is a must-see if you like wandering through narrow, cobbled streets with white-washed houses sporting hanging baskets of geraniums and bougainvilleas.

Visits (Distances calculated from the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema)

Plaza de España and the Town Hall (5 min away by car)
The streets in Grazalema are Arabic in their layout, and lead you to the heart of the town, Plaza de España, where the symbol of former glory still stands today, the Nuestra Señora de la Aurora Church. The Town Hall also stands out in this square, with its crowned arches and the typical Andalusian balconies with their own special charm.

Nuestra Señora de la Aurora Church (5 min by car)
This religious monument, from the 18th century, is known for its octagonal base and drum cupola. It is, without a doubt, the most important building of all the historic sites. Another mist-see is the San José Church, with its medieval canvases.

Viewpoints (5 min by car)
From the different viewpoints in the village (Mirador de los Asomaderos, Mirador El Tajo, Los Peñascos and Villa Turística) you can see Grazalema’s greatest treasure, its surroundings, the Natural Park.

Museum of Textile Handicraft (5 min by car)
It houses old tools used to work fabric, since in the 17th century Grazalema was famous for its textile goods, in particular for its blankets.

Other visits

Spa (5 min by car)
If what you want is to relax among nature, don’t forget that in Grazalema you can visit the spa set in a privileged enclave.

Blanket factory (6 min by car)
An unusual visit in Grazalema is the traditional blanket factory where these pieces are made completely by hand.

The best food options

  • Terraza del restaurante en el Hotel Fuerte Grazalema
  • Terraza del restaurante en el Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

Grazalema (5 min by car and 30 min by foot)
Grazalema offers a wide variety of specialties for lovers of the traditional flavours of the hills thanks to the quality of its products.


Payoyo cheese: Made with payoya goats’ milk, it is one of the main ingredients in tapas dishes due to its exquisite flavour and delicate texture.

Grazalema Soup: Made from a base of stock from stew mixed with the intense flavour of chorizo and the subtleness of mint.

Meats: Oven-cooked lamb and venison in sauce are the main dishes.

Confectionery: Acorn tart, amarguillos (made with almonds) and the famouscubiletes (filled with sweet pumpkin jam) are the most typical pastries from Grazalema.

Tapas: Grazalema is an ideal place for one of the most typical gastronomical traditions in Spain: going out for tapas. Below are a few recommendations:

  • Gastrobar La Maroma (5 min by car): Tapas and high quality food.
  • La Posadilla (5 min by car): Homemade food where you can try tapas and main courses without forgetting the picadillo soup (chicken and vegetable) in winter and the gazpacho in summer.
  • Zulema (5 min by car): Charming tapas bar where as well as good food they also serve drinks.
  • Kiboca (5 min by car): Known for its tapas and hamburgers, washed down with an exquisite local wine or a good beer.
  • Rumores (5 min in car): A very well known bar on tapas routes for its quality and variety.

Restaurants: With regards to the best restaurants we can highlight:

  • El Simancón (5 min by car): El Mesón El Simancón offers typical food from the Sierra in a rustic setting.
  • Torreón (5 min by car): A restaurant which specialises in game and which stocks good wines.
  • Casa de las Piedras (5 min by car): Restaurant serving traditional dishes.
  • Cádiz El Chico (5 min by car): This restaurant offers dishes such as lamb or venison cooked in a wood-fired oven and Grazalema soup (with chorizo and boiled egg).
  • Villaluenga del Rosario (11 min by car)
    La Posada de Ana
  • Benaocaz (16 min by car)
    El Refugio
  • Ubrique (23 min by car)
    El Laurel
    La Herradura
  • Ronda (30 min by car)
    El Tragabuches
    El Escudero
    Sol y Sombra
    Pedro Romero

The best shops

  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Compras - queso Payoyo
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Compras - queso Payoyo
  • Destino Grazalema - Compras
  • Destino Sierra de Grazalema - Compras

If you visit the Sierra de Grazalema you can’t leave without buying handcrafted typical products from the area. Both the cheeses and textile and leather products are a must for anyone passing through this area.

  • Grazalema (5 min by car and 30 min on foot)
    El Duende, gifts and accessories.
    La Alacena, souvenirs from the sierra.
    Antojos, wooden toys, gifts and decorations.
    Blanket factory.
    Horizon, sports gear for hiking.
    Las Hazuelas, specialists in payoyo cheese.
    La Casa de Abuela Augustina, local products.
    Todo Sierra, local products..
    Supermercado Guillermo (supermarket) and Carnicería Mercedes (butchers), Iberian cured meats.
  • Ubrique (23 min by car): Due to the artisan tradition of Ubrique the leather goods are highly recommended.
    Carla Sade
    El Potro
    Arte Piel
    Coronel Piel
    Piel Galván
    Miguel Durán
    Cuero Ubrique
    Anago Piel
    Piel de Ubrique
    Mari Paz
  • Ronda (30 min by car)
    Shopping centre open on calle de la Bola
    Area around the bullring

Local tours

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Ronda Weather

Ronda and Grazalema Weather

Grazalema’s climate is strongly affected by the mountains, which act as a natural barrier to trap the humidity coming off the Atlantic. As a consequence, Grazalema is the rainiest municipality in Spain, but it is also a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, as it is home to the most beautiful waterway in Andalusia, following the course of the Majaceite River and its waterfalls.During the winter months, temperatures fluctuate around 6-7°C, lending distinct charm to this mountain countryside, while during the summers, the temperatures rise to around 26-28°C,making it the perfect time to experience the natural beauty of the region to the fullest, whether through rock climbing, gorge walking, kayaking or simply taking a relaxing stroll.