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Draw. 2 days escape in the Hotel Fuerte Estepona





1. - Prize of the draw.
The prize of the draw is 2 HOTEL NIGHTS in Double Room + Breakfast at Fuerte Estepona for 2 people, which will be drawn by Fuerte Hoteles on the terms and conditions establishes by these rules.


2. - Participants.
Any natural person older than 18 who fill in the registry form of newsletter, in the way shown in the section “Mechanics of the draw” can participate, multiple participations per person are not allowed. You will not able to participate with e-mail addresses already recorded on our systems. Employees of FUERTE HOTELES will not be able to take part in the draw, those who did so will be considered as not recorded on the lists or databases of participants.


3. – Date and time for taking part in the draw.
Participation in the draw can be done from 1 June 2013 at 00:00 hours to 30 December 2013 at 23:59 hours.
Participants included before starting the draw or after finishing the date and time of the draw, will not be recorded or taken into account.


4. - Prize.
The prize is 2 HOTEL NIGHTS in Double Room + Breakfast at Fuerte Estepona for 2 people to be enjoyed in the year 2014, except in August. The prize is personal and not transferable, and cannot be cashed in or exchanged for a different prize. However, granting the prize is subject to availability and could be changed due to lack of availability.


5. - Mechanics of the draw.
Participants should register on the newsletter of Fuerte Hoteles by including their correct e-mail address, birth date, country, and sex and mother language. Once it has been checked that the e-mail is correct, people will enter directly to take part in the draw.


6. - Winner of the draw.
The winner of the draw will be contacted via e-mail, and it will be made public on the facebook page of fuertehoteles on 31 December 2013 at 12:00 hours.
The draw will be carried out on the database of all the users registered on the newsletter within the legal dates of the draw. Subjects of the draw will be taken from the e-mails of every registered user. Fuerte Hoteles will contact the winner on 31 December 2013 at 12:00 hours. The winner should indicate (within 10 days term) their full name and a phone contact number to facilitate granting the prize.


7. - Exclusions
Participants having an incorrect e-mail address will be regarded as excluded.
FUERTE HOTELES reserves the right to exclude from the promotion, and therefore from granting the prize, those participants who, in its opinion, had participated in an incorrect way. Likewise, FUERTE HOTELES takes no responsibility from the wrong or false data expressed by the participants, the draw being void in the case that it was not possible to contact the winning participant as a result of the inaccuracy of any of the data provided. If this happens, new lots will be drawn under the same conditions applied on these rules. The second draw would be held on 9 January 2014.


8. - Explanatory notes.
All the instructions and pieces of information already published, or published within the promotion, will be part of the terms and conditions of the draw. FUERTE HOTELES reserves the right to cancel partially or totally the draw if due to force majeure, or for any other reasons beyond its control, it was necessary.


9. – Applicable law and jurisdiction.
The rules of the draw are applied, with a waiver to any other jurisdiction they may be entitled, under the jurisdictions of the courts of the city of Marbella, Spain, for the resolution of any litigious issue that could arise from the interpretation and/or observance of these rules.


10. - Acceptance.
Participation in this draw implies the previous and unconditional acceptance of the rules established by FUERTE HOTELES.

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