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Sierra de Grazalema, Ronda

Hiking routes

Campobuche - Salto del Cabrero - Llanos del Republicano - Calzada Romana - Pinsapar - Torreón - Ojo del Moro - Llanos del Rabel - Garganta Verde - Majaceite - Cueva del Gato - Angosturas


(Distances calculated from the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema)
Route from the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema- Laguna del Río Campobuche
10 km route, low-medium difficulty, mainly flat, through a beautiful Cork Oak and Portuguese Oak tree wood. This route takes two and a half hours from Fuerte Grazalema and it crosses the river Campobuche and one of the largest Cork Oak trees in the park, ‘el Alcornoque de las Ánimas’ (‘Cork Oak Tree of the Souls’). Recommended for walkers with children. Inicio


Route from the Salto del Cabrero (departure point 11 minutes away by car)
Spectacular views throughout the 9 km, mid-high difficulty due to the hard descent to Benaocaz. This route takes 5 hours, departing from Puerto del Boyar you will cover the Sierra Endrinal to the Salto del Cabrero, a hill of vertical sides over 80 m high separated by a gorge 50 m wide. Inicio

Llanos del Republicano Route (departure point 11 minutes away by car)
Simple 5 km route, low difficulty, which takes 2 hours covering different pasturelands, therefore it is very likely that you will come across goats and cows. It departs from Villaluenga del Rosario to the cave, where it is possible to spot birds of prey or investigate the different caves through which the valley can be reached, where streams abound. Inicio

Roman Road Route (departure point 11 minutes away by car)
This 2 hour walk departs from the viewpoint at Benaocaz and ends at the village of Ubrique, along an old Roman road which is still in good condition, as it has been repaired. This is a 5 km route, low difficulty, through a valley which ends at the Los Diez Caños fountain. Inicio

Spanish Fir route (departure point 15 minutes away by car)
This is one of the most beautiful routes in the park which crosses through the Grazalema Spanish Fir wood, the largest in the world. The views are impressive and it is common to spot Griffon Vultures and Roe Deer. It is medium difficulty due to its length (12 km) and duration (5 hours). This walk ends at the impressive Benamahoma spring.

For this walk hikers should request a permit, which can be applied for at the El Bosque Visitors’ Centre (C/Fco. García Lorca s/n. 11670, El Bosque Tel.: 956 70 97 33) or at the Fuerte Grazalema hotel itself. Inicio

Ascent to the El Torreón summit (departure point 20 minutes away by car)
Even if it is a tough climb to the Summit, at 1654m above sea level, it is well worth it to enjoy the spectacular views (low-medium difficulty). The departure point is between Benamahoma and Grazalema and for the 2 hours 30 minutes the walk takes you can see mountain goats and birds of prey on this route through Portuguese Oaks and shrubs. Inicio

Ojo del Moro Route (departure point 20 minutes away by car)
This walk takes you along the Pajaruco stream, to a viewpoint with views of the river Tavizna and the Aznalmara Castle. It has a turnoff which consists of branching off to the right, connecting with the Salto del Cabrero Route and returning to Benaocaz crossing the Pajaruco stream again, passing an attractive old bridge. This turnoff is 4 km long, of low-medium difficulty and takes 1 hour 30 minutes. Inicio

Llano del Rabel Route (departure point 25 minutes away by car)
One of the most spectacular walks is the Llano del Rabel Route, 8 km long, taking 4 hours from Puerto de los Acebuches (round trip). It is an almost flat route which enables a complete beginner to see the heart of Grazalema Natural Park and the Spanish Fir wood. Recommended for walkers with children. Inicio

Garganta Verde Route (departure point 25 minutes away by car)
This walk, 3 km long and medium-high difficulty, has a magnificent view of the gorge through which the Bocaleones stream flows. It is a gorge about 400 metres deep with an enormous cave at its base. The descent is very steep and takes 3 hours from the departure point, in Zahara. It is a magnificent route for spotting vultures up close.

For this walk hikers should request a permit, which can be applied for at the El Bosque Visitors’ Centre (C/Fco. García Lorca s/n. 11670, El Bosque Tel.: 956 70 97 33) or at the Fuerte Grazalema hotel. Inicio

River Majaceite Route (departure point 25 minutes away by car)
This walk is 5.3 km long and is a pleasant 2-hour walk from El Bosque to Benamahoma, following the course of the river Majaceite, home to otters and an excellent wood of poplars, ash trees and elms trees. Low difficulty route. Recommended for walkers with children. Inicio

Walk from Benaoján to the Cueva del Gato (departure point 30 minutes away)
Benaoján station is the starting point of this 5 km walk along the river Guadiaro to the Cañada Real del Campo de Gibraltar. This livestock trail links Ronda and Algeciras and is of low difficulty. The walk takes you to the impressive Cueva del Gato, where the water has created an extraordinary underwater world. Inicio

Las Angosturas Route, from Benaoján to Jimera de Líbar (30 min away by car)
This walk with a beautiful backdrop begins at Benaoján station and runs through the Guadiaro valley between Holm oaks and Portuguese Firs for 8 km to Jimera de Líbar station. It comes highly recommended for families, as there are no difficulties and it is possible to return to the departure point by train. Inicio

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Our Customers' Comments
Fuerte Estepona
Our first apartment didn''t have the views i was hoping for, but the reception changed our room to one that we were extremely happy with. the apt. was spacious, clean and gorgeous. everything that i could hope for. at first there wasn''t a blow dryer in the room, but one of the maids went out of her way to help me find one. the breakfast was great and the grounds were beautiful.
Robert Donald (Edmonton) / 04-Nov- 2013