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Responsible Tourism


Take a virtual tour of the sustainability measures applied by Fuerte Hoteles; click on the icons to view descriptions of the improvements to each environmental aspect made by the chain.

For each area of the hotel, graphics represent all the actions implemented by the company to ensure that guests also gain an awareness of of, and participate in respect and care for the environment.

Virtual tour of sustainability measures

For more than 60 years, Fuerte Hotels has participated in responsible tourism, which allows us to coexist in harmony with the environment as well as our cultural and socio-economic surroundings.

All of our hotels have adopted sustainability as their guiding principle and incorporate new management systems that ensure a minimal impact on the environment and promote the local culture and economy. We also focus on people’s wellbeing, including that of our clients, our employees and even people not connected with our hotels who are in need and at risk.

Fuerte Hoteles has, at FITUR 2016, become a signatory to the WTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, as well as the Spanish Network of the United Nations’ Global Compact, both fundamental frameworks of reference for responsible and sustainable tourism, based on a set of ethical principles covering human rights, labour laws, the environment and the fight against corruption, in line with the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO).

Fuerte Hoteles subsequently participated in a project coordinated by both organisations – the Spanish Global Compact Network and the World Tourism Organization entitled Responsible tourism, everybody’s commitment along with other Spanish entities. This project highlighted the role played by tourism companies in achieving the SDOs, and developing corporate social responsibility practices. On the 19th of September 2019, a site was launched with an e-publicationvideo testimonials and a compilation of best practices.

Another example of our commitment to the environment is our partnership with the Glaucal de la Nava Association for its Spanish fir conservation project in Sierra de las Nieves.

Thanks to our commitment with the Spanish Global Compact Network we have submitted our Communication on Progress (COP), a report where we state our continued support to the UN Global Compact an its 10 principles, including a description of actions or relevant policies related to Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Download here.

In 2020, Fuerte Group Hotels revealed the first actions of the “Clean Seas” project, an initiative which the group wants to use to strengthen the company’s sustainable development policies and continue working towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. More information.

“Clean Seas” project infographic

Clean Seas project Fuerte Group Hotels

Carbon footprint

As part of El Fuerte Group’s strategy for environmental protection and sustainable tourism, one of the indicators we monitor most closely is our carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint indicates the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as a result of our hotel operations and is expressed in tons or kilograms of CO2 per client.

Amount of CO2 we emit into the atmosphere (2018)

Fuerte Marbella
Average amount per customer: 10,75 Kg. CO2

Fuerte Conil-Resort
Average amount per customer: 8,79 Kg. CO2

Fuerte El Rompido
Average amount per customer: 8,15 Kg. CO2

Fuerte Grazalema
Average amount per customer: 11,34 Kg. CO2


Environmental measures


Sustainability as part of management. Sustainability training for employees. Guest information on innovation in sustainability. Implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management system (the International Environmental Management Standard. The standard certifies that reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and maintaining profitability are given equal treatment in our hotels).

Continuous monitoring of all environmental aspects: measuring emissions, waste, noise, consumption of natural resources (water, propane, petrol, electricity, etc.)

Calculating the ecological and carbon footprints of our hotels.

Water and energy

Our hotels are equipped with charging points to recharge electric car batteries. Gradual replacement of traditional light fittings with low energy consumption and LED alternatives. Installation of reactive energy compensators. Control of energy consumption using IT systems. Temperature regulators used in rooms. Water quality control. Installation of card activated automatic light systems in rooms. Information is offered to guests and employees on energy saving measures. Double glazing used in exterior doors and windows, which facilitates saving energy used on heating. Automatic disconnection of the air conditioning system when exterior doors and windows are opened in rooms. Computer control of facilities that produce drinkable water and hot and cold water. Use of cooling gases pursuant to existing legislation to protect the ozone layer. Partial flush systems used in toilets.

Kitchen staff is instructed to fill dishwashers to capacity before use. Guidance on water saving procedures is offered in all our toilet facilities. We change towels and bed sheets pursuant to our guest’s desires. We use drip and spray technology to water hotel plants and gardens. Sensor lights are used outdoors (which are activated and deactivated by natural light). Boilers are fed by modulating thermostats, favouring energy saving. Our hotels are equipped with solar panels which provide guests with hot water and heating.


Use of handmade products when decorating facilities. Preference given to sustainably made equipment. We do not use disposable cutlery, plates or cups. Installation of solar panels at all our facilities.


Reducing asphalted areas. Use of regional plants that do not require excessive amounts of water.
Integration with the natural habitat of the area (reducing visual impact).  Green spaces optimised as much as possible. Use of chemical products, pesticides and herbicides is avoided wherever feasible. Parking areas are surrounded by hedges and trees. Collection of small waste created by our guests to maintain beaches clean (ecological cones). An organic vegetable garden has been planted at each hotel.


Preference for products with little packaging. Separate oil, glass, paper, cardboard, battery and organic waste collection. We avoid purchasing products in non-returnable packaging or in small/individual portions. We avoid purchasing double wrapped food products. We use refillable or reusable containers for serving food. We use sustainable mineral salt chlorination systems for swimming pools. Used IT material is collected by a specialist recycling company.

Use of e-mail as the standardised method of communication which reduces the use of paper. Appropriate management of dangerous waste by authorised sources. Composting of vegetable waste (including pruning and kitchen waste). Use of paper, cardboard and organic waste compactors.


Sound insulation. Volume limiters on all sound equipment. Annual sound emission audits.


We offer excursions and activities that respect the environment.  Environmental routes around the hotel to raise awareness amongst clients. Promotion of sustainable transport: bike hire, trekking, etc. Promotion of cultural activities in the area: expositions, concerts, local festivals, etc.


Looking after the environment

Our hotels enjoy the unique advantage of being located close to natural spaces of great environmental wealth. For this reason, we all share an important responsibility when it comes to preserving the habitats that surround us.

How can I get involved?

Visit without leaving a footprint:

  • Protect natural spaces: Check official guidance on the recommendations and rules for each natural space. Our receptionists will be happy to help.
  • Don’t litter. If you find litter, help to dispose of it in a designated waste bin.
  • Inform guides or forest keepers if you observe any fire risks.
  • Don’t use trails which have not been clearly designated. This helps avoid damage to flora and erosion of the environment.
  • Bear in mind that it’s strictly forbidden to light any type of fire.
  • Look after animals: don’t feed local wildlife and avoid making excessive noise. Avoid participating in any activities that involve the mistreatment or exploitation of animals and/or their habitats.


Natural environment

At El Fuerte Group, we consider the environment to be a part of ourselves, which is why we’re dedicated to respecting and protecting it through our hotel management systems. Thanks to these systems we are able to offer our guests both untainted natural surroundings and a hotel environment that promotes an awareness of nature. Outdoor excursions, hiking trails and environmental education workshops for children are just a few of the activities we promote in order to encourage conservation.


Cultural Environment

At El Fuerte Group, we consider that the cultural, social and economic environment in which we carry out our operations is a gem that must be preserved.

At our hotels, we offer our guests an authentic experience of the region so they can grow to appreciate the local culture and traditions. At the same time, we implement various development programmes and cultural projects that provide a boost to the local economy.

Additionally, through the Fuerte Foundation, we help to improve the quality of life for people with special needs.

We want to ensure the maintenance and development of our cultural environment. A place must never forget their customs , traditions and identity.



El Fuerte Group has one essential goal: to satisfy our clients. In order to achieve this, we take an active interest in discovering what our guests expect from us and we are dedicated to excellence in every detail.

The loyalty of our clients is the best recognition of our efforts. However, we know that this flawless service is only possible thanks to the hard work of our employees.

This is why we give them special treatment, as well, through family assistance, salary advances, loans, and gifts on special commemorative occasions.

In Fuerte Hoteles care the details for the excellence of our service get that expectations of our customers will be overcome