Grupo El Fuerte


El Fuerte Group is a company with over five decades of experience, funded with one hundred percent Andalusian capital, which focuses on taking care of both people and the environment. Its diverse corporate interests encompass hotel activities, which are carried out mainly in the region of Andalusia (Spain), flat rentals, an agricultural division with operations in Estepa (Seville) and an interior design studio.

Additionally, the business group includes the Fuerte Foundation, through which it aids people with special needs.

Discover the projects in El Fuerte

Fuerte Hoteles

Fuerte Hoteles is a chain made up of more than 1000 people. With their hotels, they’re present in Andalusia (Spain).

In Andalusia they boast hotels in Marbella (Malaga), Conil de la Frontera(Cadiz), Grazalema (Cadiz) and El Rompido (Cartaya-Huelva).

Aware of the environmental problems, Fuerte Hoteles believes in the environmental management of this sector, which, through the ISO 14001 standard, gives response to the current society’s concern for the environment in hotel management.

The privileged locations of the Andalusian Fuerte Hoteles are simply spectacular.


Is a group of companies that operate in collaboration with Grupo El Fuerte that are dedicated to offering solutions to other companies. From We Project we undertake construction management, whilst We Design handles interior design for said constructions. In turn, We Equip professionals are responsible for vendor management in purchasing furniture and decorating property; and finally, We Resolve is tasked with integrated maintenance management.


Fundación Fuerte

Fundación Fuerte (Fuerte Foundation) is the initiative of Isabel M. García Bardón (President of Grupo El Fuerte) supported by her children and those who work in the group, with the aim of channelling the company’s wishes to collaborate with others in solving social problems in surrounding areas.

Fundación Fuerte wants to promote sustainable development for those in at risk situations  due to physical and/or cultural shortfalls in both Spain and those countries where the countries consider it beneficial, with preference given to those places where Grupo El Fuerte is located.