Responsible tourism

Take a virtual tour of the sustainability measures applied by Fuerte Hoteles; click on the icons to view descriptions of the improvements to each environmental aspect made by the chain.
For each area of the hotel, graphics represent all the actions implemented by the company to ensure that guests also gain an awareness of of, and participate in respect and care for the environment.

Virtual tour of sustainability measures

For over 50 years, Fuerte Hotels has participated in responsible tourism, which allows us to coexist in harmony with the environment as well as our cultural and socio-economic surroundings.
All of our hotels have adopted sustainability as their guiding principle and incorporate new management systems that ensure a minimal impact on the environment and promote the local culture and economy. We also focus on people’s wellbeing, including that of our clients, our employees and even people not connected with our hotels who are in need and at risk.

We are committed to the Environment

Carbon footprint
Our carbon footprint indicates the amount of CO2 that we release into the atmosphere when carrying out our hotel operations, expressed in kilograms per client.
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These statistics are a numerical expression of the results of our efforts at Fuerte Hoteles to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Natural environment
At Fuerte Hoteles, we consider our natural environment to be a part of us. We believe that it is our duty to respect and care for it.
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Cultural environment
The local cultural identity, traditions and customs are an invaluable asset that we at Fuerte Hoteles take great care to preserve and promote each and every day through our hotel operations.
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All of our efforts at Fuerte Hoteles are centred on satisfying our clients through attention to detail and promoting the wellbeing of our staff.
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