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Naturalness: A Wellness experience by Fuerte Hoteles

Routines and the hectic pace of life that we lead end up harming our physical and mental health, and we increasingly feel the need to recover the feeling of well-being. We are continually seeking out gratifying experiences that improve our health, because health means life and quality lies in knowing how to value the things that bring us spiritual wealth.At Fuerte Hoteles we understand that it’s natural to want to feel good and look after yourself. This is why we’re committed to Naturalness experiences in unique natural surroundings, which invite you to switch off and relax.

YOUR health

Following a rich and balanced diet is a habit that gives you quality of life. This is why healthy dishes and their calorie content are identified on our restaurant and bar menus, along with dishes that are created using ingredients sourced from the local area.


YOUR spiritual wealth

Sports activities that exercise body and mind, such as yoga, improve your spiritual wealth and your physical form. Our hotels encourage these social gatherings focused on relaxation, health, switching off and enjoyment of the natural environment.

YOUR well-being

Get a bit of pampering in the Spa and forget about stress with the different circuits offered by our Spas. Care for your skin with customised treatments and relax body and soul with massages given by our team of professionals.

YOUR nature

Our hotels are all short distances away from Natural Parks, making it easy for guests to enjoy fantastic contact with nature and to explore the parks on tours, or by enjoying activities such as hiking.

More than just a service, it’s a life philosophy.

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