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El Club de Amigos es un programa con el que queremos premiar su fidelidad. Comience a disfrutar de las ventajas del Club de Amigos de Fuerte Hoteles

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The Club de Amigos is a scheme that rewards your loyalty. Start enjoying the advantages offered by the Club de Amigos at Fuerte Hoteles.

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The purpose of this document is to regulate the BASIC OPERATING CONDITIONS FOR JOINING the Club de Amigos programme, which offers members the chance to access the best promotions and benefits when using accommodation and other services provided by Fuerte Hoteles.

A pre-requisite for programme membership is the full and unreserved acceptance and validation of each and every one of the operational Terms and/or Conditions set out below.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Fuerte Group reserves the right to amend these General Conditions, subject to due notification.

  • Stays are counted from 2013 onwards. Stays directly booked with us since 2013 will be taken into account.
  • If a guest does not stay at our chain for more than 3 consecutive years, s/he moves down one by one category.
  • Fuerte Hoteles can, among other things: change the capacity to win, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any prize, cancel or change the prizes of commercial members or add restriction dates for hotel prizes.
  • Fuerte Hoteles does not take responsibility for commercial members who withdraw from the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club programme, for the changes to the service or for cancellations of the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club due to their withdrawal.
  • The Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club may continue until the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club, at its total discretion, decides to designate an end date for the programme. Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club has the right to end its loyalty programme. In order to do this, it will give the members who are active at that time two months’ warning in writing. An “active member” is a member who has stayed at a Fuerte Hoteles establishment in the previous 12 months. The membership of a Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club member can be suspended at the discretion of Fuerte Hoteles if he/she does not partake in any Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club activity for 12 consecutive months. All the advantages of the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club will be lost at that time.
  • The Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club can, without prior notice, suspend the participation of a member in the programme if he/she does not pay his/her hotel bills on time, or if he/she appears to be using the programme in a way that does not concur with the Terms and Conditions or the purpose of the programme.
  • The Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club may suspend the account of any member who acts abusively or in any way which contradicts the law. In the event that a member’s account is suspended all accumulated advantages and prizes from the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club will be lost.
  • The sale or exchange of hotel prizes or commercial collaborator prizes or advantages of the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club, except those carried out by Fuerte Hoteles, is completely prohibited. Hotel prizes or commercial collaborator prizes or advantages of the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club which have been transferred, sold or assigned for these purposes, can be confiscated or cancelled.
  • In the event that a hotel or resort ceases to operate as Fuerte Hoteles or any hotel brand which is owned, administered, operated, allocated as a franchise or granted with a licence by Fuerte Hoteles or its affiliated firms or subsidiaries, Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club advantages will not be awarded for stays at that hotel, even if the reservation was made before the end date.
  • In the event of a recorded death of a member of the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club, the programme advantages are transferrable to the joint holder of the account or failing this, to someone who shares the same home address.
  • A member can only have one Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club account. Companies, associations or groups cannot join the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club.
  • The term “Fuerte Hoteles” as used herein refers to all the hotels in the Fuerte Hoteles chain, as well as the hotel establishments which form part of the business group of which Fuerte Hoteles is a member, unless otherwise specified. The term “Commercial member of Fuerte Hoteles”, as used herein, refers to all types of business establishments with which the Fuerte Hoteles Friends’ Club is associated to provide advantages to its members.
  • Confidentiality Policy: the personal data of our guests will be included in a computerised file, for the commercial promotion of accommodation, catering, leisure and property services of the companies in the Grupo El Fuerte, for which Fuerte Group, S.L. is ultimately responsible (Hotel Fuerte Marbella, Avda. El Fuerte s/n, 29602 Marbella).If you wish to exercise your rights of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition, you can contact our Commercial Dept. by ringing 900 34 34 10.
  • I expressly authorise the Grupo El Fuerte to pass on this data to companies in the same group, for the aforementioned commercial purposes and improved customer service.

Jurisdiction and applicable Law

The Basic Operational Terms and Conditions form a unit and are interpreted and applied in accordance with Spanish law. For any issue which arises with regards to the interpretation and application of these General Terms and Conditions, the parties, expressly waiving any jurisdiction which may correspond to them, expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Marbella (Malaga).

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