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Estepona Holidays

The beautiful town of Estepona, nestled between the Sierra Bermeja mountains and the Costa del Sol coastal strip, is an exceptional destination for a family holiday.

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Estepona, Malaga Holidays

  • Destino Estepona - Playa al atardecer
  • Destino Estepona - Playa al atardecer
  • Destino - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Excursiones a Puerto Banús
  • Puerto - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Playas
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona

The beautiful town of Estepona, nestled between the Sierra Bermeja mountains and the Costa del Sol coastal strip, is an exceptional destination for a family holiday.

With its fantastic weather, pristine beaches and bustling marina it’s easy to see why Estepona is so popular with tourists, but the town has managed to retain its authenticity and is significantly quieter than most other resort towns in Malaga, like Marbella.

Just 15 minutes from Puerto Banús and its impressive marina, Estepona is also within easy distance of Gibraltar and its famous Rock, which is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Estepona Activities

As such a popular tourist spot, Estepona has a plethora of fun and exciting activities for you to get involved with. With at least five golf courses in the local area Estepona really is a golfer’s paradise, and several of the courses are considered among the best in Europe.

If golf isn’t your thing there’s always the Selwo Safari Park, where you can get close to over 2,000 animals including lions, tigers and elephants in a semi-wild environment. Estepona is also home to the Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Arts, one of largest riding schools in the area, so there is ample opportunity to enjoy horse riding here on your Costa del Sol holiday too, and the striking scenery provides the perfect backdrop.

Beautiful Beaches

With over 20 kilometres of stunning coastline, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Estepona, the main beach being La Rada. Lined with palm trees, shops and restaurants, this long stretch of sand is a sun-worshipper’s dream. Other beaches where you can enjoy the sea and warm Spanish sun include La Galera, Bahía Dorada, El Saladillo, Costa Natura and the small cove of Playa Del Cristo.

Estepona Town

Estepona town itself is modern and cosmopolitan but the Old Town is steeped in Andalucian history. Especially famous for its striking architecture and traditional houses, wandering around these narrow, cobbled streets is like stepping back in time.

With excellent restaurants, lively bars and quaint little shops, Estepona town is rich in both history and culture and tourists can spend hours just wandering around the maze of white-washed streets.

Check out our Estepona interactive map


The best beaches

  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Playas
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Playas
  • Destino Estepona - Playas
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona

A Guide to the Best Beaches in Estepona

The beaches in Estepona stretch for over 20 kilometres with unique spaces that satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Of fine-grain sand, this coastline boasts all the creature comforts; you can have an aperitif in a beach bar, sun yourself on a beach lounger or access its nautical areas. A completely idyllic world in which to enjoy the sea.

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Arroyo Vaquero Beach

Fuerte Estepona is located on Arroyo Vaquero beach, which is accessed directly from the hotel gardens. It is a quiet, vast beach with a sun lounger service from where you can see Morocco on clear days. Moderate waves.

Costa Natura (2 min on foot)

Those who prefer nudism will not be able to resist the charms of Costa Natura, one of the first nudist beaches on the Costa del Sol and one of the most famous in the whole of Europe. The feeling of freedom in contact with nature is the main draw of this pretty place.

Bahía Dorada (10 min on foot)

Bahía Dorada is in a wild, private environment where the stones form bizarre marine landscapes and you are treated to a pallet of colours from emerald shades to the brightest blue. Ideal for observing the underwater world.

Cristo Beach (6 min by car)

This beach forms a pretty cove, ideal at any time of the year. As it is protected from the wind the water isn’t usually cold and it is kept clean, which makes it an exceptional place for families with children. Part of it is a grove.

La Galera Beach (9 min by car)

This beach is away from the town centre and isn’t as busy as other beaches in the area. It has a rocky part which gives it a wild appearance and makes it ideal for those looking for peace and quiet.

Rada Beach (11 min by car)

Awarded the Q for quality and the Blue Flag on many occasions which certify its environmental state and cleanliness, this beach is one of the most emblematic of the town. It has an exceptional coastguard service and is a stone’s throw from the main streets of Estepona.

Tarifa (30 min by car)

The beaches in Tarifa are just 14 kilometres from the African coast. Of note is Bolonia beach, which boasts the curious ruins of Baelo Claudia. Its white sand dunes are one of the most important tourist attractions of the area together with its wide range of water sports and activities as interesting as dolphin watching.

The best of the old quarter

  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Casco Histórico
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Casco Histórico
  • Destino Estepona - Casco Histórico
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona

Over two thousand years ago the Phoenicians discovered the beauty of Estepona and since then this town has become a wonderful melting pot of cultures. The best way to see the old town is to amble through its white streets which preserve the charm of Andalucian traditions. Don’t miss:

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Los Remedios Church (10 min by car)

Los Remedios Church was originally called San Francisco Church and was built on the old Veracruz Chapel thanks to donations from the inhabitants of Estepona. It is a place loved by the people of Estepona.

Municipal Museum of Estepona (15 min by car)

The Municipal Museum of Estepona is a museum complex comprised of five differently themed areas: archaeology, palaeontology, ethnography, bullfighting and sound and image. The museum brings together all the history of the town highlighting its miniature ethnographic collection.

Watch Tower (15 min by car)

This is the tower of the destroyed Fortress Church (15th C). The origins of this tower are Arabic, a period during which it was probably the minaret of a mosque. After the town was taken by the Spanish it was converted into a church, with the tower used as a bell tower.

The best food

  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía jamón
  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía
  • Destino Estepona - Gastronomía
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona

Fish and vegetables are cooked together in a thousand ways to give life to Estepona’s cuisine, a real treat for the senses. Andalucian restaurants which maintain the old customs and which have a delicious flavour reminiscent of its past, tapas routes which extend along the whole of calle Real and numerous restaurants which also offer international cuisine, but without forgetting the famous sardine skewer.

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Tapas restaurants 

Going out for tapas is one of the most typical gastronomic customs in Spain. Small aperitifs to whet the appetite with good wine. In Estepona, calle Real and Plaza de las Flores boast a great number of establishments. For tapas we can highlight in this town:

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Other tapas bar:

Taberna de Lucía (10 min by car)
At La Taberna de Lucía you can try typical Mediterranean dishes. As well as tapas, among their specialties we can draw attention to the fresh fish from Estepona bay and Iberian meats.

La Galería (10 min by car)
At this restaurant you can find a large range of tapas with a Mediterranean flavour. Of note are its cheeses, earthenware dishes and melba toasts with varied toppings.

El Capote (10 by car)
Located in the centre of Estepona, El Capote is particularly known for its barquetes. This restaurant is always a good option for those who want to eat tapas as it has a wide variety, as well as sandwiches, main meals and homemade desserts.

Rada Tapas (10 min by car)
This restaurant has a terrace opposite the beach which makes it particularly charming. As well as a varied selection of tapas, Rada offers all kinds of baked or grilled fish and seafood.

Sabor Andaluz (10 min by car)
This culinary corner decorated in the most exquisite Andalucian style specialises in the best Iberian products: varied barquetes, salted products and cheeses. Here you can also taste a selection of wines from Andalucia.

Sabor Rociero (10 min by car)
Sabor Rociero has a pretty Andalucian patio so you can enjoy the most traditional settings of this region. In peaceful surroundings you can try Iberian products and the best tapas.

Fish restaurants

The preferred options in the gastronomic repertoire of Estepona are salted fish, sardine skewers and octopus salad. Having said this, you must try typical Malaga fried fish and the famous soups, among which gazpacho acquires local touches as seen in the gazpachuelo (soup made from fish and garlic mayonnaise) and ajoblanco (cold garlic and almond soup).

La Escollera (10 min by car)
A restaurant with a traditional maritime atmosphere, here you can try freshly caught fish. It is a simple place that conserves the typical flavours of the area.

El Club Náutico (10 min by car)
A restaurant in the heart of the Marina which offers unbeatable sea views. It has a great variety of tapas where Mediterranean fish is the star ingredient.

Simonito (15 min by car)
This restaurant has a selection of fresh fish and seafood displayed in a glass tank, where diners can chose what they would like to eat. Turbot, horse mackerel and sardines are some of the dishes that you can try.

El Pescador (15 min by car)
From a good octopus, clams, great shrimps, prawns to all kinds of fish such as squid and puntillitas (very small squid). Grilled fish are the strongpoint of this restaurant with a maritime flavour.

Meats restaurants

Despite the coastal nature of Estepona it mustn’t be forgotten that in this enclave you can try good grilled meats. A wide range of restaurants specialise in this type of cuisine.

La Menoráh (5 min by car or 15 min on foot)
La Menoráh offers Andalucian cuisine made with products from the region. Some of its specialties are cabbage stew from Cadiz, lamb roasted in a wood-burning oven and veal tripe with chickpeas.

Casa de mi Abuela (15 min by car)
In a cosy, peaceful atmosphere the Casa de mi Abuela restaurant offers a varied menu with all kinds of meat cooked with traditional ingredients.

Restaurante El Sur (15 min by car)
The restaurant is decorated with typical Argentine country decor making for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Among the specialties we can highlight the charcoal-grilled Argentine meats, which gives them a special, unmistakable flavour. The star dish is the veal sirloin accompanied by potatoes and glazed vegetables.

El Carnicero (20 min by car)
The El Carnicero restaurant offers a type of cuisine which specialises in meats made in a great variety of ways, not just concerning the method of cooking, but also the herbs and sauces used.

The best shopping

  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona
  • Destino Estepona - Compras
  • Destinos - Hotel Fuerte Estepona

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Estepona city centre (10 min by car)

The essence of Andalucia is observed in the streets of the old town. If you wish to go shopping you can take a walk through this area and while you take in the monuments and typical narrow streets of Estepona you can buy souvenirs for your family as well as accessories, clothing and footwear.


Puerto Banús (15 min by car)

Puerto Banús is the most famous nautical and tourist enclave in the south of Spain. This exclusive marina is one of the greatest entertainment centres on the Costa del Sol, home to designer and exclusive luxury goods shops.
You will also find the Marina Banús shopping centre in this area, one of the best known in Marbella, and also the Puerto Banús Corte Inglés.

Marbella city centre (35 min by car)

The old town is the perfect place for those looking for souvenirs and a relaxed atmosphere in its open shopping centre. Those who prefer somewhere a bit livelier can enter the shops on the Avenida Ricardo Soriano and Ramón y Cajal.

La Cañada Shopping Centre (35 min by car)

This is a large scale shopping centre located in Marbella where you can do all your shopping. Here you can find from boutiques of clothes to shoes, accessories and homeware shops. FNAC (an international entertainment retailer) is located in this shopping centre and offers technology, books and music.


Puerta Europa Shopping Centre (47 min by car)

Puerta Europa is the shopping point of reference for the Campo de Gibraltar, due to its size, its offer of fashion, food, services and leisure and its location, thus becoming a shopping point of reference in the province of Cadiz.

GIBRALTAR (30 min by car)

Known as the Rock of Gibraltar, it is makes for a very curious visit indeed, and belongs to the UK. It is a free port where perfumes, alcohol and tobacco are the big sellers.

Local Tours

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Estepona Weather

Estepona’s climate is inextricably linked to the influence of the Mediterranean, which ensures that the temperatures don’t usually fall below 7 or 8°C during the winters while keeping them much higher in the summers.For a good part of the year, the average temperature is around 17°C, turning the city into a Mecca for horse riding and windsurfing enthusiasts.Although Estepona does receive rainfall, the weather is generally mild, gracing the city with nearly 3,000 hours of sun per year.

This is why Estepona boasts over half a dozen golf courses, excellent hiking trails and countless sports fields.