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José Vera

Fuerte Conil-Resort Head Chef

José Vera grew up “in the kitchen” in the family restaurant opened by his grandfather in 1942. Under his mother’s guidance, and almost without realising it, he learnt a trade that soon became his vocation.

Little by little he faced challenges in new destinations under the coaching of professionals such as Salvador Gallego (El Cenador de Salvador) or Pablo González (La Cabaña). These influences, and mainly the participation in Ferran Adrià’s NUBE project (El Bulli), definitively developed his technical abilities and practical skills.

Javier Chacartegui

Javier Chacartegui

Fuerte El Rompido Head Chef

Our chef from Sanlúcar, Javier Chacartegui, studied at the prestigious School of Hospitality in Seville. After working in renowned restaurants throughout Spain, spending a large part of his professional career at the Santceloni Restaurant in Madrid, he joined Fuerte Hoteles in 2019.

A lover of fish and a connoisseur of traditional Spanish cuisine and local products, he takes care of the restaurant with finesse, with product-based cuisine and modern touches.

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