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Cycling Holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Mountain bike
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Mountain Biking package easy/medium levels:


Departure Dates: 1/3 to 22/6 (except Easter) and from 16/9 to 3/11.


Four nights and three guided routes to choose from: € 670 (2 People)




Oferta senderísmo 4 nights accommodation, nestled in a area of exceptional natural beauty with stunning mountain views, in rooms equipped with everything you'll ever need to have a relaxing and leisurely stay.
Oferta senderísmo Dinner with inclusive drinks at our El Olivo restaurant or on its fantastic terrace, that will tantalise your senses with the smell and taste of iconic Mediterranean cuisine from the Sierra de Cadiz.
Oferta senderísmo Car hire at Malaga airport, or alternatively at Jerez de La Frontera airport for a supplement .
Oferta senderísmo Welcome drink.
Oferta senderísmo Programmed guided tours.
Oferta senderísmo Liability insurance for the cots.
Oferta senderísmo Healthy Picnics are provided on all of our guided tours
Oferta senderísmo Pillow selection, telephone, minibar, safe, TV music channel, satellite TV, WIFI, hairdryer, air conditioning, Internet access, swimming pool with solarium and Jacuzzi facilities are all on offer.


Does not include:


Oferta senderísmo Flights, insurance and anything not mentioned in the program.


During every one of our tours, you’ll get to see valleys, gorges, vast forests, wildlife, greenery, lofty peaks, deep caves, rivers and huge rock mountains. And through long lost and forgotten places and taking ancient walkways, you’ll be sure to discover the immaculate white villages clinging on to mountains in the Cadiz and Malaga mountain ranges, such as Grazalema, Ubrique, Zahara de la Sierra, Montejaque, Beonaocaz, Benaojan or Villaluenga.  These villages are not just fine examples of villages perched on limestone mountains but are iconic in sharing their unique history, charm, crafts, customs and local produce.






On the first day, after picking up your rental car at Malaga or Jerez de La Frontera airports and having travelled to the hotel, you will receive a warm and charming welcome at Hotel Fuerte Grazalema, where the details of your excursions will be finalised.


You can choose 3 out of the 4 different routes on offer, as detailed below.  On your ‘relax’ days, you will definitely not be short of things to do (if you really want to do something).   You can either make full use of the hotel’s facilities, or get lost in the streets of beautiful Grazalema, or even get acquainted with the famous town of Ronda, located just 20 kilometres from hotel.


Oferta senderísmo Route 1: Llanos de Republicano Circular Route


We will leave the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema, by crossing the road and heading towards ´Venta Los Alamillos´. We will then bear left as the road divides, and then follow the road until we reach ´Alcornoque de las Ánimas´, situated in a valley full of wild pear trees, reminiscent of the traditional farming era. Following this main road, we will continue southwards and to the right, surrounded by a dense cork tree plantation.  From here we will climb a small mountain pass, where we’ll encounter some of the most breathtaking views of the whole valley and the Campobuche River, and at the base of the mountain, the Patagalana dolmens (portal tombs). We will then bear right, passing through ´La Casa de la Gordilla´, and then continue parallel to the stream until we reach a track running through the ´Llanos del Republicano´ leading us to Puerto de la Clavellina. We will then descend to Villaluenga by the concrete route to the main road where we will turn right for a 9 kilometre ride back to the hotel.


  • Approximate time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Distance: 25 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Track Wikiloc:


Oferta senderísmo Route 2: Vía Verde de la Sierra


These greenways are former railways in a rich and diverse area which have been given a new lease of life for tourist activities. There are two starting point possibilities for this route; we can either start in Olvera or in Puerto Serrano. Leaving Olvera we will pass through several nature reserves and sites of cultural interest such as the 'Peñon de Zaframagón' (with the largest colony of griffon vultures in Andalusia) and the 'Chaparro de la Vega' of Coripe (a 13-metre high Holm oak awarded Best Natural Monument of Andalusia in 2001).


In 2009 the Via Verde de la Sierra was awarded Best European Greenway by the European Greenways Association


  • Average time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Distance: 36km. We will take a round-trip with distance options.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Track Wikiloc: CLICK HERE

* Starts and finishes in Olvera (46.5 km from the Hotel - 45 minutes). Or starts and finishes in Puerto Serrano (52km from the Hotel - 50 minutes). Or starts from Olvera and ends in Puerto Serrano. It is usually more convenient to make a round trip starting and finishing in the same point as to avoid using any other form of transportation


Oferta senderísmo Route 3: Circular Puerto de la Forcilla – Montejaque – Pantanillo del Gaduares


We will leave the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema, crossing the main road and heading towards ‘Venta Los Alamillos’. We will then bear left as the road divides and  follow the road until we reach ´Alcornoque de las Ánimas´, situated in a valley full of wild pear trees, reminiscent of the traditional farming era. Following this main road, we will continue southwards and to the right, surrounded by a dense cork tree plantation, and after climbing a small mountain pass, we will get to see some of the most breathtaking views of the whole valley and the Campobuche River, and at the base of the mountain, the Patagalana dolmens (portal tombs).  We will then leave via the track running parallel to the stream, turning right at the gate and we shall arrive at  Hoyo de la Matanza, Zurraque and Quejigo de Zurraque. We will continue climbing until we reach a chain where we will turn left taking us to the Llano del Culantro (Coriander Plain) and the Pozo de Culantro (Coriander well).


Halfway up the Foreila mountain pass we will find the ‘Cruz del Solano’, and once we have completed the pass, the most spectacular views will unveil themselves right in front of our eyes and we will see what would have been the Montejaque reservoir, the Sierra de las Nieves, Arriate and a part of Ronda. We shall then start our descent by passing the several olive groves and the Cerro de Tavizna, and at the base of the pass, the Montejaque resevoir and the Hundidero cave.


Once we leave the main road then we will turn right and within 2.5 km we’ll be in the town of Montejaque. We will head back the way we came heading towards Cartijo de los Calabazales (or Aguilares, as it is also known) and passing through the ´Herta de la Gorda´ water source. We’ll then continue along the trail to find ‘La Puente’ (the Bridge), where we will bear right and continue on the track we previously followed.


Leaving the path to the left, our trail subsequently becomes a path surrounded by beautiful cork-oaks, and heading towards El Pantanillo de Campobuche and Gaduares, one of the most scenic and relaxing parts of the route, with ducks, turtles, wild water flowers and pure tranquillity. Once again we will walk parallel to the river and go through the ‘Llano de los Tejares’ (the Tejares Plains), where we will see the ‘Alcornoque de las Ánimas’ once again.  We will then head back to where we started via ‘Venta de los Alamillos’ and the track on the right hand side.


  • Average time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Distance: 26 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Track Wikiloc:


Oferta senderísmo Route 4: Tour of the Puerto de la Ribera


Although this is primarily a road route, it’s beauty and altitude makes it more than just a strong training route.


We will start at the front of hotel and head towards Ronda. We will follow a quiet road running through a cork oak forest, with beautiful views of Grazalema and then to the Zahara de la Sierra marsh on our left. At mile 14 we will take a right turn to visit the Jorge Bonnet winery. As we descend, we will come across a nice stone vantage point on our left as we approach the Zahara-El Gastor marsh. On Lap 5 we will take the exit on the right and start the climb to the Ribera Mountain pass. We will head on through the Cork Oak forests and peaks, where we will also encounter a remarkable change in the vegetation in the Gaidóvar valley, mainly due to presence of water.


We will then pass the old flour mills, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, the old blanket factory and then have a nice refreshing drink at the Fuenfría water source. We will then continue climbing to enjoy the beautiful views that will simply amaze us upon reaching the summit of the pass.  With Grazalema on our left we will start out descent towards the ´Los Alamillos´ pass.


  • Average time: 2,5 to 3 hours.
  • Distance: 30 km.
  • Difficulty: Medium (due to the gradient)
  • Track Wikiloc: CLICK HERE


Oferta senderísmo Recommendations for your day off:


If you choose to visit the ancient city of Ronda, one of the most beautiful Historical Areas in Spain (and declared Site of Cultural Interest in 1995), then feel free to contact the Tourist Office for individual tours.




Additional information:


Oferta senderísmo Accommodation:


The Hotel Fuerte Grazalema is located in the beautiful Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, around 20kms away from Ronda and boast of a pool and Jacuzzi, with outdoor sundecks and rooms with free Wi-Fi.


All rooms have a private balcony or terrace with magnificent views of the Guadalete Valley. Rooms also have air-conditioning, a hairdryer, a minibar and satellite TV.


The Fuerte Grazalema also has an organic animal farm and an organic garden. Guests are also welcome to take part in Andalusian cooking workshops and taste some of region’s best dishes in the hotel’s restaurant.


Oferta senderísmo What to bring:


A mountain bike in good condition, helmet, spare bike equipment and bike tools, water bottle, pump, small backpack, protective eyewear and clothing appropriate to the time of year.


Oferta senderísmo When to go:


From 1/3 to 22/6 (except Easter) and from 16/9 to 3/11.


Oferta senderísmo Insurance:


We recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical, early return, lost baggage, delayed departure and cancellation coverage.



Mountain bike Mountain bike Mountain bike
Mountain bike
Mountain bike
Mountain bike





Oferta senderísmo Jaime Palacios ESP


“We loved the Greenways, we already knew about similar routes nearby but this had its own special charm.  No need to be an expert to do this route.  Simply amazing.”


Oferta senderísmo Stephanie Williams USA


“The level of the route is not difficult at all.  It was a pleasure to visit the beautiful surroundings.  Regarding the hotel, I must say that the facilities were just spectacular.”


Oferta senderísmo Marta Rodríguez ESP


“The routes are suitable for everyone, even those who aren´t that experienced.  The scenery was beautiful and we felt right at home in the Hotel Fuerte Grazalema.  We recommend it 100%.”


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