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Casco antiguo de Marbella


Old Town


The best of Marbella old town

Marbella is paradise for those who love the beach and glamour, but its Old Town is less well-known, with its surprising narrow white lanes. As you wander along them you will discover the charm of the typical Andalucian village that once was. Do not forget to visit the old city walls and churches.

Distances calculated from the Hotel Fuerte Marbella

Iglesia de la Encarnación (Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation) (5 min walk)

Noted for its impressive design and in particular for the height of its naves and central dome, producing a sensation of grandeur. The church had choirs with an organ and a bell tower 33 metres tall. It has several altars and chapels and houses one of the largest organs in Spain. It is one of the most loved temples by the people of Marbella.

Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Square) (6 min walk)

The distinctive renaissance fountain engulfed in a perfume of citrus fruit and surrounded by typical white houses is an example of the local charm of the essence of Andalucia. This lively spot is perfect for sitting in the shade of the orange trees while enjoying an aperitif in the open air.

16th century City Hall (a 5 min walk)

The present City Hall of Marbella was commissioned by the Catholic Kings. Commemorative plaques are visible on one of the walls, in memory of the reconquest of the city. The church still conserves the renaissance style that gives the building a halo of solemnity.

Casa del Corregidor (The King’s Magistrate’s House) (5 min walk)

16th century nobleman’s house, the exterior is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar styles. Frescos can be seen on the ceiling, and the building, located in the Plaza de los Naranjos, is one of the most symbolic in the city.

Ermita de Santiago (Chapel of Santiago) (5 min walk)

The first Christian church in the city, it was built in the 15th century. It is currently used as the headquarters for the brotherhood of the Santísimo Cristo del Amor, María Santísima de la Caridad and San Juan Evangelista. It is located in the Old Quarter, in the la Plaza de los Naranjos, next door to the City Hall.

Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking (5 min walk)

The museum contains a collection of prints by 20th century artists including Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Tapies and Chillida, and has a hall dedicated to the didactic exhibition of etching techniques.

Remains of the Arab castle walls (7 min walk)

The walls surrounded the former Muslim city of Marbella. The remains of Roman Capitals taken from other buildings to make use of the existing walls are still visible in the Arab castle. A stroll around the monument will evoke images of this coastal city in the times of the Arabs.

The Dalí Sculptures (2 min walk)

Outside the Old Quarter but still centrally placed in the Avenida del Mar in Marbella is an open air exhibition of sculptures by Salvador Dalí. Don Quijote Seated, Mercury, or the Gala Gradiva are just some of the works by the Spanish genius looking across the Marbellan horizon.