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Local Tours

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  • el-rompido-excursiones-rutas-bici
  • Destino El Rompido - Excursiones de senderismo

There are a great deal of opportunities to go hiking and cycling in the El Rompido beauty spot, as there are approved routes for all tastes and characteristics.

‘Nordic Walking’
One of the better known activities is ‘Nordic Walking’, a form of hiking with poles similar to those used in skiing.


There are also segway routes, a means of transport on two wheels which enables you to enjoy the hiking routes without physical exertion.

Marshland of the River Piedras and Flecha de El Rompido Natural Beauty Spot (next to the hotel)
This natural beauty spot stretches along the mouth of the River Piedras, where the material from the fluvial channel have given rise to a unique landscape, comprised of a system of marshes and a particular coastline of sand dunes and pine groves in virgin surroundings.

The 10 km, low difficulty route can be covered on segway, bicycle or on foot over paths equipped for this with wooden walkways and bridges over the marshlands.

Paseo del Lancón, El Rompido (2 min on foot)
Paradisiacal surroundings with paths adapted with wooden walkways and bridges over the marshlands so you can enjoy a pleasant walk. A 10 km, low difficulty route to be enjoyed on foot or bicycle .

Enebrales Natural Beauty Spot Walk, Punta Umbría (15 min by car)
This is a juniper wood located between sand dunes which is crossed by five wooden walkways which lead to Los Enebrales beach, also known as La Mata Negra. This 5 km low difficulty route can be covered by bicycle or on foot.

Kayak, sailing school (next to the hotel)
The estuary which forms the mouth of the river Piedras just before it spills out into the immense ocean provides unbeatable conditions for canoeing and kayaking.

Other walking and bicycle trails:

Hiking, walking and mountain trails

Bicycle Trails