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Ir de compra en El Rompido

El Rompido



The best shopping in El Rompido

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El Rompido

El Rompido is a very functional place for shopping as you can find all kinds of items, from locally made products to souvenirs and clothing. A good place to go shopping is the El Faro Shopping Centre

Ham, from Jabugo

Jabugo ham is known around the world for its quality and taste. The pigs are fed on acorns and this produces high quality ham in the cured legs. If you want to take one home with you you can buy them in:

  • Centro Comercial El Faro – Supermercado El Jamón (3 min by foot)
  • La Serranía (15 min by car), Cartaya

For confectionery, the ‘Piñonate’ (pine nut pastries)

Tempting treats whose recipes have an unmistakable flavour which has been passed down from generation to generation await those with a sweet tooth: the Piñonate and the Torta Real (almond cake). For confectionery purchases you can go to:

  • La Flor de la Canela, Cartaya (15 min by car or 15 min on foot)
  • Panadería Consolación, Cartaya (15 min by car)

Gifts and souvenirs

In El Rompido you can find a great many establishments which sell gifts and souvenirs, with the best, most symbolic articles to remember this village by.

  • Artesanía Ramáiz (15 min by car), Cartaya
  • Acaparra (15 min by car), Cartaya

Ayamonte (30 min by car)

The town of Ayamonte is a place known for its shopping thanks to its location on the Spanish-Portuguese border, and therefore it is recommended for a shopping trip.

Villa Real (35 min by car) Portugal

Portugal is a good place to buy handicrafts, particularly known for the quality of their textiles, as well as their food products.

Huelva (35 min by car)

Huelva boasts a wide range of shops thanks to the Abierto Shopping Centre, where you can purchase all kinds of products, as well its markets and shopping centres, among which we can highlight the Aqualón Puerto Shopping Centre and the Costa Luz Shopping Centre.