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El Rompido, Huelva Holidays

  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía gambas
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía jamón
  • Destino El Rompido - Gastronomía Chipirones
  • Destino El Rompido - arroz con mariscos

The freshness of the seafood and the intense flavour of the cold meats are the two stars par excellence of El Rompido cuisine.

Distances calculated from Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

Deepwater rose shrimp and Jabugo ham
Deepwater rose shrimps, king prawns, cuttlefish, shelled seafood, battered cod sticks, octopus and cod arrive at your table presented in a variety of ways capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. We can’t forget Jabugo ham, an exquisite delicacy from Huelva.

Fruity wines
You can’t leave without trying the fruity wines from this area as well as the famous brandies from La Palma and the aniseed-flavoured aguardientes.

Among the restaurants in the area we can highlight:

Restaurante Caribe II (5 min on foot) El Rompido
This restaurant is located next to the hotel Fuerte El Rompido and specialises in fried fish and fresh seafood.

Restaurante Doña Gamba (7 min on foot) El Rompido
The perfect restaurant for having some reasonably priced tapas and for trying the tasty local seafood from the shores of the river Piedras.

El Rompido

Restaurante La Parra (5 min on foot)
La Parra restaurant offers its patrons a tranquil seaside atmosphere. Its greatest specialty is fish, especially prawns and cuttlefish, as well as homemade desserts.

Restaurante El Rincón de Pescadores (5 min on foot)
This restaurant receives daily deliveries of fish from the fish market, among its most succulent dishes we can highlight grouper a la marinera, stuffed calamari and four-cheese cod au gratin.

Restaurante Paseo Marítimo (5 min on foot)
Located right on the Promenade in El Rompido, the views from this restaurant are unbeatable. Specialising in home cooked food, the highlights on its menu are the tuna belly and the scrambled egg with mushrooms.


Restaurante César (15 min on foot)
In the Bar Restaurante César you can try typical creative cooking dishes by a chef who also respects tradition, with fish therefore as the protagonist.

San Miguel, El Rompido-Cartaya road

Restaurante La Espuela Grill (5 min by car)
Restaurante La Espuela Grill has panoramic views over the river Piedras, where you can try the best Argentine grilled veal.



Restaurante Acanthum (30 min by car)
This renowned restaurant offers quality, traditional cuisine with a touch of creativity.